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Reunion 1999

sarah & linda

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Friday Party At Tim & Didi Noelker's Home

Here is page one of my Reunion 99 photos - these are from the party at Tim & Didi Noelker's home - the party was a real treat.  Thanks to Tim & Didi who were wonderful and warm hosts.  After a fine dinner, we watched Ben Kloepper's animations - some from the Webster daze, others newer.



Page 2

Saturday Night Cafeteria Dance & Nightcap At The Prince's Home

Sunday Afternoon Jazz Brunch

Page two starts with the cafeteria dance where we knocked hips and probably scared the current student population (they looked in and split quickly!).  After the dance, we headed over to Lew & Melanie Prince's home (thanks again) for a nightcap.  The last set of photos are from the Jazz Brunch, a time not for farewells, but see you laters. 

ben contemplates clan webster in 1999

the noelkers host

Page 3

Linda Clinton Maulin

Photos That Capture The Weekend

Page three greets us with Linda's photos and warm comments.   Both the images and words capture the flavor and texture of those three days.  The photos cover the party at Didi & Tim's home, the post dance gathering at the Prince's and the Jazz Brunch.  Ira Carter performed some post scanning imaging magic on these.  Thanks again, Linda and Ira!


Page 4 

Rozzy Hooper-Hamersley

Photos From All Corners

Page four is a wonderful mix of photos - Friday night at the Noelkers, Saturday morning at The St. Louis Art Museum, O'Connell's any time, Saturday night at the Prince's home and Sunday breakfast at Einstein's Bagels.  Thanks Rozzy for these memories...

jimmy and jonny

francis and ellen the prom queen

Page 5

Rozzy Hooper-Hamersley

Sunday Jazz Brunch

Page five portrays the Sunday morning Jazz Brunch, the morning after the dance and hanging out at Lew & Melanie's home when we had to say until next time.  Some old faculty friends are here, too!  Thanks again, Rozzy! logo

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