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Reunion 1998

Party At the Princes Photos - October 3, 1998

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The high point of the weekend was the party on Saturday night at Lew & Melanie Prince's home. The 20+ year time frame seemed to melt away as we gathered, talked, hugged, and caught up on each others' lives. It is rare in life when tremendous expectations are exceeded. This was one of those rare evenings. When's the next Reunion?

I'm missing some names and some may be wrong. Help!

eve & alison at the party

reunion brunch spirit

Reunion Brunch Photos - October 4, 1998

Here are a roll of photos taken at the Sunday Morning Champagne Brunch - the last official event for the Seventies Reunion. It was one more chance to be together before we headed back to our homes. I especially like this photo; for me, it captures the spirit of the weekend.

John McVicker's Reunion Photos October 2-4, 1998

Check out John's great set of photos, superbly annotated. Here's a photo of Lucy Bartholomay and Richie Wolchak at the party at Lew and Melanie Prince's house on Saturday night. John's photos reflect the scope of the weekend - Friday night, the Street Fair and our O'Connell's Reunion - Saturday night at the Princes - and Sunday at the Champagne Brunch. Thanks, John!

lucy and richie at the saturday night party

gertman/goldberg group photo

Gertman/Goldberg Reunion Photos - October 2-4, 1998

These photos were taken by Paul Gertman and scanned in and sent for the site by Michael Goldberg. The photos span the weekend and are in a unique (well to this site) pane format. Michael is writing captions and some are now up on the page.

Valerie Mack's Photos - October 2 - 4, 1998

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Here are two pages of photos taken by Valerie Mack (Johns-Crane). Page One has pictures from two gatherings, at O'Connell's on Friday night, and at Blueberry Hill on Saturday afternoon. Page Two covers the party at Lew & Melanie Prince's home and the Reunion Brunch on Sunday afternoon. Thanks Valerie!

gathering at blueberry hill

reunion portrait

Tim Noelker's Photos - October 2, 1998

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Here are three pages of photos from Saturday, images from Blueberry Hill, Vintage Vinyl (Lew Prince & Tom Ray's music enterprise), and Lew & Melanie Prince's Home. There are some nice individual portraits among the group photos. Thanks Tim!

Rozzy Hooper-Hamersley's Photos- October 2 - 3, 1998

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From Rozzy, we have three pages of photos. Page One is a set of pictures from Blueberry Hill. On Page Two are images from the party at Lew & Melanie Prince's Home.  My favorite set of these photos, from the Reunion, brunch are on Page Three.  Thanks, Rozzy!

late night at the princes


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