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Webster In The Seventies

Through The Eyes Of Jamie Duncan

jamie 01

Jamie's Notebook Page One

jamie 02

Jamie's Notebook Page Two

jamie 02

Joe Grassi:   Kathy Ann Piotti, Catherine lnu, blank,
blank, but both familiar, and of course, Jamie himself
kathryn anne piotti: I'm the dark haired girl in the first 2 of jamie's pics with
Catherine Trice, Jim H.,Earl etc thats Lisa Gerber and Bill Keithler not yet id'd.)

jamie 04

Ira Carter:   Michael Milton blank blank blank blank Earl Davis Jim Hubbard
Joe Grassi:    Hubbard is correct, but it's Phil, not Jim (I do believe there
were two Hubbards, though)- the two standing women are Catherine lnu and
Kathy Ann Piotti, the other guy standing looks familiar, but I can't spit it out.
foxy:   there were two Hubbards but only one Hubbie.
Eve:   Katherine Trice (next to Earl)
Ira Carter:   No, that's definitely, 100% sure Jim Hubbard. Hubbie was
recently mentioned in the Webster alum magazine (a rare mention by the
70s generation) with a doctorate in religion and a faculty position.
Bill Eldred:  Catherine Trice, Ithaca, NY - father was sociology professor at Cornell.
kathryn anne piotti: I'm the dark haired girl in the first 2 of jamie's pics with
Catherine Trice, Jim H.,Earl etc thats Lisa Gerber and Bill Keithler not yet id'd.)

jamie 05

Bo Veaner:   David Van Hee and Carrie Houk in our dorm room.
Joe Grassi:   although Bo should know, I think this is Nina (from near Pittsburgh)
and Zeke, with Bo and Carrie (was Zeke David van Hee?)
John McVicker:  I believe the Nina may (?) be Nina Uttilla (or Utilla), 
from Memphis. In any case, the guy standing  is NOT Dave
Cris:   The guy standing is definitely David (not Van Hee I don't remember
his last name) and Zeke was his nickname. He was Keefe's roommate. 

jamie 06

Ira Carter:   blank blank Tim Daly Jamie Bo Veaner
Ben:   the as-of-yet unidentified person on the bed looks like Carrie to me.  Compare the
eyebrows in this picture with hers in the last and see if you come to the same conclusion.
John McVicker:   Though less lanky than I remember him, I think the person
second from left may be David Van Hee. And the person on the bed may be
Carrie, or might be her sister Belinda.

jamie 07

Joe Grassi:   Kif, who appears frequently
Linda:  Guy I remember as Keif (Tim Daly's roommate). I think "Keif" was his nickname.

jamie 08

Ira Carter:   Michael Milton and Earl Davis

jamie 09

Ira Carter:   bad boys Daly Jamie Veaner blank blank
Joe Grassi:   Is this Noogle and Kif on the right - definitely not Jimmy Niss,
he and Kif weren't there at the same time.
Linda:   Jamie Duncan's dad took this picture. From left: Tim Daly, Jamie,
Bo Veaner, Noogle and Keif. (Note Jamie giving his dad "the finger")

jamie 10

Bo Veaner: "The pictures with Tim, Jamie, and me standing outside with a mop 
include Allan Goldstein aka Noogle HH Noogle"
Linda:   Jamie took this photo. From left: Bo, Noogle, Mr. Duncan (Jamie
looks just like his dad, doesn't he?), Tim and Keif.

jamie 11

Joe Grassi:   Doug Isaac, and Earl Davis on the flanks
Linda:   Doug Isaac, Jamie and Earl Davis

jamie 12

Joe Grassi:   Milton, Jamie, and Nina
John McVicker:  I believe the Nina may (?) be 
Nina Uttilla (or Utilla), from Memphis.

jamie 13

Cris Ghillani and Diana Dagavarian Colpitts 

Toni: "And Dad paid how much to send you there???  For that matter how much did Mom
pay for a bra that gave you that kind of support???  And just how many of those kids
in the pictures were stoned at the time???  Glad I was in college in the '60's!"
(Toni is Cris' sister - "Those Ghillani girls could be pretty scarey")

jamie 14

Joe Grassi:   Kif and Jamie
Linda:   Keif and Jamie trying to get to Mardi Gras.

jamie 15

Ira Carter:   is that Jimmy Porter? Veaner blank blank
Joe Grassi:   is not Jimmie Porter, I think the guy on the
right is David Young, isn't that Ben with the dictionary?
Ben:   No, it isn't.
Cris:   Yes that is David Young on the right
and the guy who is not Ben IS Noogle.
David:  I don't remember his last name, but the guy on the far
left in the photo with Bo, Noogle, and me is named Roger.
He was hooked up with that Nina "the queen of the teeners"
 chick ID'd correctly but tentatively in the picture that
 features Carrie Houk in the big floppy hat. They shared
the room at the far end of the fourth floor administration 
building (opposite end from the elevator) across from mine.
He was way into the "Paul is dead" thing.

jamie 16

Joe Grassi:   probably Milton, Veronica "Ronnie" LaLiberte, Bo, Leslie Reiss
 Linda:   Michael Milton, Veronique (Ronnie) Laliberte, Bo and Leslie Reisz.

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