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2007 princeton groundhogs' weekend

2007 Groundhogs' Weekend in Princeton

Thanks to Eve's warm and thoughful hospitality, we gathered in Princeton NJ.  Some "new" faces graced us - the Clan grows.  (Thanks all for the wonderful birthday!)

Cris' photos
Rozzy's photos 
Richard's photos


The Westport Wanderers

sal and bo contemplate the hat


Richard's Photos  -  Color   -  B&W

Westport becomes an annual event, this year on April 27th to 29th.  Thanks to Nancy and Jonathan (special kudos) for being generous with their time and for opening their home to us.  We spent Friday at the Paull's, walked the beach on Saturday, sat by the bay, ate at Back Eddy's, and roasted by the Inn's fire.  Sunday was bittersweet brunch before hittiing the road.


View Richard's Photos

View Tim's Photos

The photos are here! The gathering that descended on unsuspecting Westport, MA and The Paquachuck Inn  from April 28th to 30th - check 'em out!  Thanks to Nancy, Jonathan, and Kathy for making the weekend so special.  It was a sweet three days...

cris & nancy at back eddy's in westport

cathy mckeon

Deborah Caringella Schneider's 1999 and 2002 Photos

This page has photos from a party at Deborah's house.  In these images, we see folks who haven't made it to the Reunions (yet!) - faces whose '70's view can be seen elsewhere on the web site.  Ira Carter scanned the 1999 pictures and provided captions as only he can.  Thanks Deborah and Ira!

1987 on the road at john weiss

1987 Gathering at John Weiss'

Back in 1987, a gathering of Webster folks took place at John Weiss' house in New Hampshire. Eve Coulson contributed this page of photos. Click on any of the images to get a larger view. Thanks Eve! logo

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