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Frank Xavier Weyerich's Seventies Photos

Scanned By Jeff Jobson With Comments

Page Five - Big Tussle

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Big Tussle One

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Big Tussle Two
Ben Kloepper: Wolfie Schirmer in the center, Capt. Jeff Jensen, WCFM at right edge.

Big Tussle 3

Big Tussle Three

Big Tussle 4

Big Tussle Four

Big Tussle 5

Big Tussle Five

Big Tussle 6

Big Tussle Six

Big Tussle 6b

Big Tussle Six Beta
Ben Kloepper: I think these are the Webster College Free Militia Regulars.
From the left, ( ## 1 & 2 - ?), 3 - Jeff Jobson. 4 - Kevin Pawley?
(5, 6 - ?) 7 - in the tank turret, John Moses. 8 - General James "P.K." Elmore.
9 - kneeling, Cmdr. B.V. Kloepper. (10, 11 - ?)
12 - Commodore Steven Wolfgang Schirmer in the Lord Nelson hat.
(Most others held specific ranks in the WCFM as well,
but I don't remember what they were.)
Xavier: I think Steve Saputo is kneeling to Ben's right.
Ben: Person #6 (in the British Army helmet) is Ray Stoddard.
Jeff Jobson: I can also I.D. a few of the guilty parties: #1 is Bruce Hopkins.
He lived in Affton, and I blew off a number of classes going over to his house
when his folks were at work. #2 is Michael "Fox" Walters of Theatre Tech Dept.
He later worked at Six Flags dressed as a squirrel or something and got busted
for pot while changing into his costume. #3 is...me. I had a thing for
dressing in all white back then. #4 is Kevin Pawley, also of Louisville and
eventually Mickey Rooney's assistant. #5 is David Marks,Theatre Acting major.
Had an uncanny knack for being able to give me a theme to write on for
reports with a single sentence. #6 is Ray Stoddard, Acting major. Once
prepared for a role by not brushing his teeth for a week, then chewing up
several of those tablets that turn your teeth red where you haven't brushed.
I think you've got the rest of the folk.

Big Tussle 7

Big Tussle Seven

Big Tussle 8

Big Tussle Eight
Ben Kloepper: second person to the right of the pole looks like Roy Rudderforth,
definitely Peter "Elf" Gregory manning the catapult.

Big Tussle 9

Big Tussle Nine

Big Tussle 10

Big Tussle Ten

Big Tussle 11

Big Tussle Eleven

Big Tussle 12

Big Tussle Twelve

Big Tussle 13

Big Tussle Thirteen

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