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David A. Young's Webster College Photos

And Commentary - Page One

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This first batch o'three was taken the on the same day during a trip (and I mean that in every sense of the word) Belinda Houk, Boe Veaner, and I took. It's totally flashback time when I look at these, as though the photos were printed on "blotter" paper, if you know what I mean.
belinda in woods

Belinda Houk in woods

/david/bo veaner and belinda houk in woods

Bo Veaner and Belinda in woods

david young in woods

David Young in woods

These two photos are of a woman named Breena; even though I know I hung 
out with her at the time, that's all I can remember now. I think she was only there during the '69-'70 school year. Perhaps Purple can fill in a detail or two? I love the sign reading "PLEASE DO NOT SIT ON TABLES" right next to Breena reclining on the piano in the rec room.
breena b&w

Breena b&w.

breena color

Breena color.

During my first year at Webster, I hung out a lot with Beauregard Lyon and Belinda Houk, also first-year students. We spent a lot of time at Belinda's mother Billie's house in Crestwood (even then, I marveled at St. Louisans' pronunciation of this as "Crustwood"), where Beauregard and I became friends with both of them as well as two-year-younger sister Carrie and then-ten-year-old-and-crazy-about-Bobby Sherman baby sis Zoë, later to become a celebrated restaurateur at whose first place, Café Zoë in the Shell Building downtown, I worked circa 1983. Somehow it was decided that I would be Carrie's date for her junior prom, and these pictures, taken at Billie's place, are from that night. I wish to God that I had one of me in the suit that Belinda made for me for the occasion: it was a double-breasted, bell-bottomed two-piece seersucker number with orange, purple, yellow, black, and white vertical stripes of various widths. In the photo of me giving Carrie her corsage, I'm already wearing the bright yellow shirt that "goes with" the suit, but unfortunately, that's as close as I have to proof of the surreal splendor of that getup (those are different bellbottoms!). I saved (and occasionally still wore) that work of art until I left town and had to get rid of stuff. Carrie's already dressed, coiffed, and made up for the prom in the picture.  Belinda and Beauregard went along in some capacity; I can't remember now if they actually crashed the prom or just lurked nearby on the premises. Anyway, each of them posed on the toilet as we were getting ready. Carrie, anything you'd like to add (or subtract!)? 
beauregard on prom night

Beauregard on prom night

belinda houk on prom night

Belimda on prom night

carrie houk and david young on prom night

Carrie Houk and David Young on prom night

Gettin' ready to turn in but thought I'd do one more batch first. This one has kind of a Dave (wasn't it Dave, not David?) Van Hee theme: there are two of him taken on the Ad Buliding roof and one of a woman named Molly whose last name I don't remember but who I believe is the Molly he married. (Confirmation, please, Francis?) Finally, there's a shot of Boe Veaner, Belinda Houk, and me at David's wedding and, just for fun, the  first picture Dave sent me of his daughter (this'll make a lot more "sense" to those who knew Dave).
david van hee 1

David Van Hee 1

david van hee 2

David Van Hee 2



bv dy and bh at david van hee's wedding

Bo, David, and Belinda at David Van Hee's wedding 

van hee daughter and friend

Van Hee daughter and friend

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