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Seventies Photos - The Essence

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earl davis' 70s

Earl Davis
Webster in the 1970s

From Earl Davis, seventy-two photos left waiting in a box. To the left is a picture of Mary Ellen and Melissa. Check out the images - some faces new to this site. Thanks, Earl!

Photos from Paul Bishow [click on images]
on the lawn #1
On the lawn #1 - Spring 1974
Jim Niss, Carole Evans, Lee Tarnoff, Margaret and...
on the lawn #2
On the lawn #2 - Spring 1974
Rusty Luthe on the left with the mandolin.
Bill Eldred, Crip/Brian K
Full House
Full House - Spring 1974
Bob Power (c), Randy Knox (r) and Steve Levitt (l)
PB&Bernie SoulardMkt Feb75
Soulard Market - Feb 1975
Bernie Fields, Big Brown (Bernie's dog), and Paul Bishow

Photos from Rusty Luthe
[click on images]
rusty & beth's house
rusty & beth az kidz
rusty & beth now
"Well it is a long night up here at 14,000 feet so I thought I'd pass a few photo's your way. I hope they aren't too big. Anyway one is a current photo of Beth and I in San Francisco. The other is of the house that we + eight others lived in for a semester on the Webster communal living project outside Knob Lick Missouri (don't you love that name?) The project was designed by Beth and Colleen Lyons and miraculously sanctioned by the Webster Admin. What a semester that was! The third photo is of Beth and I in the kitchen of that same house. There are many stories that go with that semester and perhaps someday they will come to light. Suffice it to say that the long road of 38+ years brought Beth and I back together in an odd twisty fashion." - Rusty Luthe

art studio north

From Ira "I-Man" Carter:  "Just found this photo of art students outside North Studio c. 1974. That's Mr. Showoff in his leopard outfit in front, Pat Leahy to the viewers right, and Richie Wolchock over my shoulder. Sorry to not remember all the names."   Xavier (Frank Weyerich) notes "Wendy Wees is standing far right." Click on photo for larger, full view


Seese Sverdrup

Seese Sverdrup

Courtesy of Mark Rabiner - Click on photo for larger, full view.

Al Santos, John Savoca, Bernie Block, Michael Goldberg

first of jon savoca's treasure trove of

John Savoca's Treasure Trove

Scanning & processing courtesy of Linda Clinton Maulin (thanks!)

libby farrow mcknight's photos 1975-1978

Libby Farrow McKnight
Webster Scrapbook 1975-1978

From Libby Farrow McKnight, a scrapbook of mostly color photos. To the left is a picture of Jon Applebee and Libby at Graduation.  Check out all the gems - some faces new to the webster70 site from a time frame of which we have few images. Thanks, Libby !

Eve Coulson
Portraits of Webster

Restored By Ira Carter 

Eve found a cache of images from the late 60's/early 70's. Ira worked Photoshop magic to clarify and draw out details. There are faces that appear nowhere else on the site - photos of places in new light. Thanks Eve and Ira for these treats!
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sal purple' parrino - eyes on
                    the '70's

Sal "Purple" Parrino
Eyes on the '70's

Sal found an old roll of 127 film (a format that no longer exists!) The negatives were in ragged shape and Linda & Steve Maulin worked a bit of magic to restore the images.  These photos capture bits of Webby life - pool room, cafeteria, faces we haven't seen in decades.  Thanks Sal, Linda, & Steve for these gems!


Sam Fleming's Sweet Photos

Sam captures life in the dorms, first snow at Blackburn Park, scene from Old Orchard, and lots of laughter.  There are many new faces (folks we haven't seen in the other pages.)  Thanks Sam for sharing the memories!
sam fleming -
                      across the hall

David Young
                      - Belinda in the woods

David Young's Glimpses of Webster

This the first page of images from David.  Consider it an appetizer.  The pictures capture the myth and mirth of the Webby experience and are expanded by David's narratives.  Thanks again David!

Webster In The Seventies 
Through the Eyes of Jamie Duncan 

Linda Clinton Maulin borrowed these wonderful photos from Jamie Duncan's collection, made negatives, prints, and scans then Ira Carter performed imaging magic. These pictures really capture the joy and playfulness of our era at Webster.  Thanks to Jamie, Linda, and Ira for these memories!

webster scene as it
                      was, 1971 or so it goes...

cathy mckeon

Deborah Caringella Schneider
'70's Images


Here is a new treasure trove of images of life at Webster College in the Seventies.  There are some new faces here, that is old friends not captured in any of our other sets of pictures.  The atmosphere and soft glow of those days is expressed in the character of these views.  Thanks Deborah for sending these for us all to share.

Frank Xavier Weyerich's Photos via Jeff Jobson and Ira Carter

Here are photos taken by Xavier and sent along by Jeff.  Thanks for sharing them!  These views, from (I'm guessing) around 1974, capture unique moments in time with humor and pathos.  There are a lot of new faces, faces that bring out even more memories.  Thanks to Ira Carter for processing and enhancing these images.
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                      that Ullman

gina and linda

Linda Clinton Maulin's Photos 

From The Seventies & More

Here is a wonderful assortment of photos, some from the Seventies, others gleaned from old Webster catalogs enhanced by Linda's husband, and some more recent images.  Linda's captions add insight and color while bringing back memories.  Thanks Linda!

Don't you just love this picture?

Cris Ghillani's Seventies Photos

Looking Through Rose Colored Glasses

In addition to her diaries which have spiced up and fueled the Discussion List , Cris has contributed this evocative collection of photos from the early seventies.   Check out Cris' captions, her words carry her unique flavor.  At least two more pages will be added in the future. Thanks Cris!

jamming on the grass

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